I can’t imagine that the title of thesis that i will show to my academic advisor is being granted.

Last days was pretty tough day. I did the ironing in the morning, went to the library, unfortunately it has been closed. I went to CALL class, there is small discussion about dating in Islamic perspective with some of my friends . They agree to continue the discussion for the next week. After that in the evening, i joint meeting in FKPWI (Forum Kajian Pengembangan Wawasan Islam) in DFEC (Departement of FKPWI English Course). It was pretty tough day that i have to take pretty much rest at night.

This morning, hurriedly back to campus and my friends say.. “Yeehaa, Nurul you are not late” Yup, it is a victory ^^. Alhamdulillah..
Small success is needed for greater success, isn’t it?

After the class done, i hunt some of Young Learners books in library. Thanks to Allah there is a friend who help me with the choice of the research book. My research, InsyaAllah, is about Evaluation Research. I got two awesome books about young learner; one from Oxford another one from Cambridge, the university I wanna be in.

Then I meet my Academic Advisor. He seems happy about thing i will research about. It is awesome..
He said to show the mini proposal to him tomorrow.

All of these happened in Allah’s will..

Ya Allah,..
please ease my way and my friends way to finish their bachelor degree..