I was going to a pretty big bookstore in Padang. I was looking for concord sheets for my certificate to be printed.

Then i went to the second floor, searching for a book entitled: ‘Jaringan Islam Liberal 101 by Akmal Syarif’. In a big rush,  i went to Information Center and typed the title down.

Big dissappointment, there was no list of that book appeared. Hiks,..

Then i went around  trying to ease my pain (lebay.com). Then my eyes stuck on a book: Riyadush Shalihin, Republika publisher.

‘What? Here it is. An ancient and magnificent book i really want to read ‘

then another book

‘Ihya Ulumuddin by Al Ghazaly!!!’


then my mind calculating the digits. Hardly i have to say ‘Not now, Nurul.Not now.’

Honestly speaking, those books are really appealing. They are like waving their pages and say “Come and read me..”

One day, InshaAllah.
One day..