Last day i was attending a discussion in my faculty. It was held by DFEC (Departement of FKPWI English Course) of FKPWI(Forum Kajian Pengembangan Wawasan Islam) organization in Universitas Negeri Padang.

The discussion is leaded by Salam Mairi, a participant of Canada Youth Exchange. This discussion is attended by many faculty, not only Faculty of Language and Art but also, Faculty of Technic, Faculty of Education,and Faculty of  Social Science.

The participant are very attentive. Some question that appear in the discusiion are:

1. How to reduce language anxiety when speak with native speaker? How to not having feeling of being underestimated?


Having the anxiety in speaking with native is common for the first exposure. According to Salam experience, first time he speaks with Canadian, he felt the anxiety by byt the time goes by he felt that he enjoyed the conversation.

Latihan, coba terus. Kalau yang pertama gagal, coba lagi

2. How to learn English autodidactic way?


a. Learn about the grammar form course book. There are alot af course book available at library (By Wilda)

b. Listen to music

c. do listening, you can do it at anywhere anytime, event when you do your dishes (by Ana)

d. Use webcam, it is fun to record your own self and then watch your self  speaking using English. You can talk about many thing, about things happen in that day, your opinion etc ( by Nesha).

c. Gives a posstive remark about your own perception  (By Rini)

Anggap diri bisa

3. How to be keep motivated in learning English?


Salam has anwerd like this

Cita-cita kamu apa? Kalau kamu bersungguh sungguh tentang cita -cita kamu. Dan kamu ga bisa mencapai cita-cita tanpa bahasa Inggris, maka kamu bisa memotivasi diri.

It is also good idea to write down your target and put it near the mirror. Then, everytime you go to campus, you’ll remember your target. It is inspired by Danang 100 target Sang Pembuat Jejak


There an interesting analogy form the moderator, Zaini

Rasa takut itu bisa membuat orang lari cepat padahal sebelumnya ga bisa lari kencang. The same goes with facing English

From the statement above we can take ideas like, people can do ‘what ever it takes’ or ‘any means necessary’ when they deal with dangerous situation or facing something they afraid of.

As the closing statement, the leader of discussion said

Believe it + Do it!

Keep practicing because English Won’t Kill. 😀