it was just hurt when i think if gone before me..
it was just so sad if i see you liying coldly..
for all of sacrifice you’ve given me
yet, i am not that grateful

you are there when i happy and sad
you are there supporting me when i down
you are there when i do not believe on my capacityi
you push me to the top
you give me freedom to chose my colour
you are the awesomest person i know
you wake me up in the morning, even i am in different city
you cry for my best
you’ve struggle so hard in 22 years to raise me..

nothing i can say, but i love you
i thank you so much for being my mom..

you put your life in a risk when I was born
you go to school to teach even you’ll get severe backache coz the heavy rain..

i heard your biggest dream to do pilgramage to Makkah..
with your beloved one, my lovely father..

o mom..
i wish i could make it for you..

I love you
See you next Monday
I miss you

may Allah gather me and you and father and my siblings.. here and in heaven…

Nurul Huda
in severe miss to her mom
Padang 22:12:2012