well, it was pretty frustating to keeps eyes wake after morning, This morning I start my day with a slighly different way. Do a weight lifting, he he, not 10 kilos, or 20 kilos, but only with 2 kilos. 😀

hm, and listen to SHoutul Harakah song, : hadapilah.
after that, the sleepyness come approaching my eyes, you know it is really tempting to go to bed and sleep.

But, then, I try to search another song in my downloaded video. I found a video taken from Al Qassam Brigade official website “Song for Gaza People during the war in Gaza”. And Yes! It makes my eyes wide OPEN. I saw a boy who is  shoot  in his chest and fall down to earth. Then, my logical sense appear, mocking my intention to sleep after fajr.
See, what they are fighting for? And HOW they FIGHT? Why CANT you FIGHT your SLEEPINESS?