well, today I am using English 😀
yeah, sort of a sharing from the deep of my heart,.. cieee..
not really

hm, where to start? I guess i want to discuss bout my friend comment about my characteristics. She said that I am a melankolist-sanguinist,.. hm, sort of complicated. Yet, she said that after doing observation on me for sort of pretty long period of time. No body know that actually I am an introvert person,. hahah… Really? Most of acquaintance and friends will not agree that I am an introvert. Am I????

I guess, i am a pretty akward one, I love design and rap, I listen to song that many people listen do not. I aint listen to Justin Bieber or Jay Z, I listen to Khalil Ismail and Kocakres band,.. Whatever, this is my taste. If it doesnt fit me and my ideology, then I wont take it 😀

but somehow, sometime I see that my taste of nasheed is not fit the surrounding  I mean I love rap nasheed,  and when i tried to tell it to my friend that i love these songs, the do not have reaction that expect. some of them show the reluctance. They prefer the pop nasheed.. phew, that’s their
tight to like it or not.

I love designing hijaab, :D, the long jilbab especially.. with extra imagination on the dress, skirt and sleeve, and the jilbab as well..
I enjoy my self for being my self, an ordinary looking with sort of pretty thick frame glasses, goes to campus to do literature review in library by bringing my colorful markers. it is serious! I did it, you can ask my senior about that. she said “Your are so visual!”

I dunno, I am just happy for being my self this way, I know my weakness and my strength,..  the achievements and failure, the plan for the future and the story in the past,..
I am really thankful to Allah who has facilitated me to achieve what I have achieved right now,.. I just pretty “shock” seeing my videos i take in Manila and Kuala Lumpur in a championship and realizing that I have BEEN there! I mean I guess, lately i was so ungrateful, pretending that there no ‘nikmat’ (bless) that Allah has given me. What a foolish thought,..
It is big, and I have to be grateful about this…

what else?
yes, there is many thing to be improve, frankly,..
Many awsome books to read in my chamber,.. Many things to do, and many things to be prepared,

I was stunning, reading a ex-badboy can memorize Al Quran while he is in 17 years old in high school. I envy people with outstanding career achievements but also outstanding ‘ibadah. Do fasting and tahajjuj, memorizing al quran, memorizing hadith, brilliant performance in studying and work.. I envy them..
I envy people who enjoying read a book in following they thirst of knowledge.. sinking in that book..

I envy people who be able to use English confidently, although it is their third language  (L3) and have willingness to learn and practice new words..

I envy people who struggling hard in da’wa… eits,.. da’wa is not only preaching people but also doing good deeds for example thingking and planning law for the sake of community, the world community, not only for Muslim, coz Islam is rahmatan lil ‘alamin 😀

I envy those persons, they keep being professional in their field, but at the same time,they do hard to think about other mankind, helping people, do charity, give them education  and they are not selfish person even though they are busy or rich.
so many envy, huh? envy for good that acceptable, doesn’t it? 😀

so. that is me..
sort of sudden sharing,..

yaeh,.. for all of you who read this, thank you. May I and you, guys can make improvement and doing good deeds for this dunya and akhirat 😀