Strat out this day n hoping can prolong this relax-doing-nothing-stituation. But this is not what happening. Somehow, the ego clash with the others ego. Somehow, gotta face it and agree that what I am doing does not inline with correct path.

realize, those all problem comes from the laziness, unwillingness to make decision and take it a and make the idea become real act. This is where the problem appear and spread into more chambers. The laziness, yes the laziness,

Proposal which can be done in one week abandon and stink in files in notebook. Everything what to do is just to activate the idea into act. Oh, it is so easy to write but so hard to act – for a lazy person-.

a qutation from a friend said ” even if you decide not to do something, you have taken the risk. The risk of not doing something
How long this mourning of postponing and laziness lie on the shoulders?
Untill the the ACT happen…