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some friends..
when I shout out the truth they say I am inconsiderate to others
when I say that they do is wrong they accuse me as an arrogant who tried to boast as a pious one

but I am sure
this path ist am besten

ich liebe diese path und mocte ich zum life and dead in this way
do you know what it is called?

it is called as Islam
to all muslim youth around the world
keep your faith!

there is no Islam which is Liberal

Islam has its own rule and own principle

and Prophet Muhammad has shown us the way

May Allah bless you and your days

sekian puisi dari awak 😀

semoga bermanfaat kawan-kawan 😀

translation: Germany-English

* ist am besten: is the best
*ich leibe : I love
* mochte ich zum : I want to