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This night, when there is a gathering in my boarding house, a friend of mine who said that I am a sanguinist-melankolist said that I am a person who do code switching when I cannot express my Idea in Bahasa. I switch it with Minangkabau. She said that I can express my idea easlily when I talk in My mother tongue: Minangkabau or in my L3: English.

The same thing goes to my lecturer opinion. She said : You kan ndak bisa bahaso Indonesia do kan Nurul? You kan bisa nyo bahaso Minang kalau indak bahasa Inggris.

the meaning: You cannot speak Bahasa, dont you Nurul? You can only speak Minangkabau or English.

Somehow,  at first I take is as normal as I can, but after my friend assure me, I take it seriously. Perhaps this is the time for me to explore my words more in English, grab more words and store it to my head. As a tool to convey the meaning I mean.

I do not neglect my L2 but as the facts mention  above I prefer to  dip my self on those two language my L1 dan L3 😀 Yeah..

the spirit of learning is boiling in my head. Gambatene!!!