I just realize that the things that can boost up my confiendence and motivation to run my day is a “COMPETITION”

Lately a friend of mine tell me that “Why your voice are sounds like have no spirit any longer”. And then for a while and for days and weeks things are getting the same. Untill one day I meet her again. She said that what I miss was a place to voice up my knowledege. That what I need, a place that I  cherish , a moment I miss 😀

hence, I decide to enter MITI (http://mitimahasiswa.com) I guess this is the place I can accelerate and pour my energy on 🙂 I aint know, as if the a motivation serum is an injected in my vein that goes to my brain and activate the chamber of dream and target. Makes my eyes open and make my finger dancing on keyboard to tell you guys that I am ready on it. That I have found my real passion. and I announce it to the world 😀

That I am different and will always be different among 6 trillion  human and I have color that nobody has. I aint same with them and they aint same with me. But togather we can make colourfur picture called civilization.