Lately, I guess i have to maintain this feeling. But I guess it will only makes me creeping back. This ongoing rampage should be stop unless it brings me to fire that lead my to the doom.

i guess I need a thing. A thing I have to undergo. That thing is called : U P G R A D E.

Yeah, i need to uprgrade my self. My friends have walk faster even run in chasing their target. Some of them are jumping some of them are working hard all day and night to read Al Quran 3 juz and some of them are patiently waiting for the adviser for their thesis progress almost every day. Some of them has finished reading a lot of thick juicy books.

O.. girl, what about you?

this is your life and you are the one who decide what to do. You choose do useful thing, the good thing you get. You choose to do bad thing and useless, that bad and useless condition you get. So come on. Cut that feeling and move on. Go a head, there are many fish in the sea 🙂
You need to suck it up.