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I watch a program on a japaness TV program and there is a program talking about manga. The problem was that the anchor which is a woman feeling OK when the anchor who is man praising the beauty of the thigh of the anime girl-which movie is discussed- in a certain and a body of the girl in the anime. say that it is in a sexy way.

then the anchor who is a woman, feel OK and no resentment at all.

Owh, come on. Me myself as a girl feel embarrassed in such a way like that. See, that anchor man did that and it is as a humiliation when a woman body are assessed in such a way like that.

sorry guys, my posting today was a rather spicy. But that is how I feel. That woman should not be assessed based on their physic-beauty. Woman is not a flesh of meat to be displayed toward the world. That woman should be respected on their knowledge, their intelligent and their good moral behave.