lately, I run my life. It is pretty organized during ramadhan.
I know when to wake up and when to sleep. One thing that i realized that I speak less this month πŸ˜€

and you know, it is cool when I start the day since the morning and run into noon, Take a nap and then continue to magrib. Do fasting with the sisters and go to Al Madany for Taraweeh and then get back home.

A routine that seldom I did. πŸ˜€

somehow, this is an feeling of gifted. Looking to often to people arround somehow will make you forget that you have something special in.

I try to run my life better, and in proper way. I ask people who know more about Islam and making list of what to read. I dont want become a muslim only based on spirit. Dude, Islam is based on knowledge not because of spirit(hamasah). So, yes I look a head and run my life in more enjoyable way. Truts me, reading al Quran gives benefit toward your soul and mind. Try it πŸ˜€

about skripsi, it has been a pretty long time i didnt tell you guys. Hm, it is on the way. My advisor ask me to change the title and I have to fight for it. Yeah, graduate on March is a dream to proceed, defend and succeded! Yosh!!!

I heard that a good mankind is not the person who never commit wrong thing-coz this is impossible to be without mistake- but the person who make their graph of deed increase. Even though the graphic down-if they do the mistake or lessen the good deed- they increase the good deed and achieve a better level of good deed.

I guess that is all for today. Thanks for reading and keep incresing the imaan. Imaan increasing when we do good deed and decrease when we do the wrong thing or maksiat.

Gambatte ne mina san!!!


Nurul Huda
Padang, 7th of Ramadhan 1434H

in a very calm and relaxing weather of Ramadhan πŸ˜€