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Democracy is form people and for the people. It is about giving chance for media to criticize the government and gives chance for opposition to discuss with the government. That is the democracy that is penetrated to your mind and mine. So, let’s look to our far neighbor country and friend country that supported Bung Tomo to fight in Surabaya 1948. That country is Egypt.

I was very happy listen to Mubarak Era end. People were gathering in Tahrir Square demanding for their freedom from the iron hand of Mubarak. And yes, Mubarak Regimen end after 32 years reigning. Soon after, election was held with only two candidate of president. Shafiq and Mursi are the candidate /of the president. Ahmad Shafiq was Hosni Mubarak former prime minister. Mursi is from opposition wings in Mubarak Era, he is Hurryah wa ‘Adalah Party.

The general election day was a very critical moment in Egypt that time. People were anxiously waiting for the announcement from the national election official. And yes, Morsi won against Shafiq. It was 51.7 versus 48.3  He won with 13,230,131 votes against Shafiq’s 12,347,380. Polls officially closed the night of June 17  2012 and initial results pointed to Morsi as the clear leader. The worlds know that this is the fairest democratic election held in Egypt in last thirty years. US Secretary, Hillary Clinton said congratulation for the new elected president, Mohammad Morsi. He was the only civilian that is being chosen for the Egypt presidents in Egypt presidential history. I really could feel the triumph of the Egyptian in Tahrir Square. When I watched the video in YouTube and I really can gasp the  victorious, and happiness from the joyous moment there.

Yet there was a big question left behind. The losing candidate would not accept their losing in the election. Sure that liberal wing will find way to disturb Morsi governing. I presumed that the liberals will do everything to overthrow Morsi. They tried to make chaos in parliament and tried to accuse Morsi violating the mandate of the people. That was happened in the beginning of Morsi presidential.

There were many things good things Morsi has done. Three days after his winning, he ended the bilateral relationships with Syiria. We know that Basir As Saad regime, the president of Syuria, is killing his own people in that country. Even Palestinian says that the torture in Syiria by As Sa’ad is more brutal that what Israeli done toward them. This is one of the ways to tell the world that he does not agree on massacred which extremely violate the human right.

In additions, The  Raffah gate, the only gate to access occupied Palestine, was opened often for people who wants to come and leave Gaza. We could see the wealthy Qatar King comes to gives huge amount of money for charity for Gaza. Prime Minister of Malaysia could come to Gaza. Indonesian volunteers could also get access to come to Gaza. Some of them are Ustadz Salim A Fillah form KNRP (National Committee for Palestinian People) and Mikhael Noah Syauqi from IndonesiaTanpaJIL  (Indonesia Without Liberal Islamic Organization). It was no wonder that the winning of Morsi was also celebrated by Gaza’s citizen and Izzuddin Al Qassam,  the military wing of the Palestinian political organization, Hamas . Izzuddin Al Qassam defend  Gaza’s city for victory against the occupation. The members are good army with good posture, memorizing al Quran and perform tahajjuj almost every night. I am one of the fans of them.  Morsi also established bilateral relationship with China, one of the county which has strong economy. Those things were some things that were not likely happened in Hosni Mubarak Era.

Something I afraid happen. The liberal now do whatever it takes to reign again. Then the coup the eta rose. Morsi is overthrown and jailed. Raffah  gates is closed. The bunker nerar raffah gates are bombed by the As Sisi army. The bilateral with Syiria is established.  People in Egypt feels the horror atmosphere again and even worse. Thousands of Morsi supporter  was killed by the coup de eta army. Egptian were killed when were doing Ashar prayer by troops see . Million of march in supporting Mursi and condemning the coup are not being seen in mainstream media.

In Morsi Era, 30 channel of media criticized him all day and all night and he let those channels do it. In As Sisi coup, he closed 5 medias channel: TV statsions Misr 25, and media Salafi programming: El-Naas, El-Rahma, and Khaligiyya. Now, who is the supporter of the Democracy and who is the supporter of Tyranny?

The mainstraem media doesn’t show us what really happen in Egypt. They only show us the small part of supporter of As Sisi. When you see it in facebook, YouTube and twitter you can see what really happen in Egypt. An well educated person will really questioning; why could Egyptian want to overthrow their President that they fight for and put their choice to the  of Hosni Mubarak’s best friends?

for more information about human right in Egypt, you guys can go to http://www.hrw.org/news/2013/07/08/egypt-halt-arbitrary-action-against-brotherhood-media

The video about the killing in Ashr prayer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlRU63Q9Jyg
The troops killing demostrans

I mean here, i want to call  you guys to voice the truth we know. If you have Twitter and tweet it, if you have blogs, write something to support Egypt. If you have face book share it or make status about  the true condition in Egypt. Because if it not us then who?

Nurul Huda

Padang, 31:7:2013