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yup, I am recently listening in to a video of Zakir Naik in YouTube. Then his accent is an India English dialect. Which somehow it is pretty strage in my ears. But then, I download more video and see his amazing thought in explaining and justifying his argument in logical scientific way. One of the audience ask him by using better pronounciation compared to him. Yet, Mr Zakir Naik can return that question in cool way. Hence, I have this thought when I did my dishes 🙂

JEngg…and the though is “Do not Judges People Based On THeir Pronouciation”

One year ago I meet Japanese debater and I told my self that they are easy to be defeated due to their not that good pronounciation compared to most Indonesian. I am not genarelize Japaneses cannot speak good. Some of Japaneses in NHK world speak good, Nigahiga speaks good, and the vocalist of One Ok Rock speaks very fine.

Back to the story in debating, at the first time i underestimate them, that they cannot convey good argument in English well. They wrote their argument in Japaneses alphabet. Next minutes I am shocked that they come up with brilliant arguments. T.T…

according to  on of sociolinguistics expert, people are not being judged by their strange dialect.68895_10200262622075250_152341132_n

so, sociolinguistics is a against racism. 😀

yeah, learning language is cool…