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Sekarang awak sedang berusaha menyelesaikan chapter 1 2 3 untuk di kumpul kamis siang besok 😀

Ketika mengacak-acak files bertemulah file dari radiopengajia.com tentang persiapan nikah.
Files itu menohok kepala dan logika awak.
“nikah itu perlu persiapan tidak sekedar suka
tidak sekedar saling suka lantas menikah. Banyak hal yang perlu dipersiapkan: psikologis, konsep diri, visi kedepannya, social.
dan hal yang pentin adalah dalam proses menuju jenjang itu harus dekat dengan Allah, ruhynya musti di tingkatkan.”

a tough thing to do but have to be passed. I mean by me and everyone. Entahlah, pikiran itu mejalar ke setiap neuron dan bernafas di setiap ujung pembuluh darah. but the most important thing is about preparing ourselves coz this is not an easy task to do nor it is a path without any disturbance. Even more this is not a fairy tale. You are going to face problem in your marriage Know your self before you say that you are going to take the next step and process.

This theme is always identical as a mellow thing, But not for a fighter!
this is a place where strategy is applied. Strategy to make sure that the afterlife is in happy ending. Strategy that need to be planned in detail to make sure the next generations are strong when we left for 6 feet underground. Logical arguments play role here without neglecting the emotional aspect.

this is kind of a tough waiting. lot’s of distraction and disturbance exist. And yes, back to Allah is the solution. Say to Allah that you have certain feeling towards others is OK I guess. Even more, Allah will only gives the one who are appropriate for us. Cant imagine if Allah do not guide us…

Kind of tough job fellow, but InsyaAllah it is possible.
I summon my self to be a better one. having more knowledge, and be better prepared. I summon my self to fight! Oppose any proposal Satan’s advise me. ‘audzubillahiminasysyaitanirrajim

O rite

back to the rail
this is chapter 1 and 2 and 3 that I am going to finish
I guess I’ll go to master library to finish it up 😀

gambate ne
Bismillah 😀