Sometome I am feel afraid to ask to Allah about things I want. but then now I become more open to ask everything and every detail to Allah, inspired by one of the companion tell to Allah that he want salt when he has no salt in his kitchen, and our Prophet Muhammad SAW who pray to Allah very seriously on the War of Badr. He raises his hands very high as the he pray as the sign of his strong willingness. other companion when he lost his sandals, he say it to Allah that he lost his sandals. They are really close with Allah. In the extent of dangerous situation and  even in the extent of daily needs and trivial personal stuff.

I have secret that I tell to Allah
no one knows about it
only me and Allah
something I really want
I tell to Allah instead sharing it with human being
If I tell it to Allah then surely Allah has power to make something impossible to be possible
something which I think can only happen in imaginary become true in reality
something which I think that will occur far in the future become near to the present

and I tell it to Allah that I  certain feeling on him
but sorry
I aint express it toward the one
there is no legal binding yet

and still
I am going to always tell it to Allah on what I feel
coz He is the One
Who has power to make it real
The One who handle his heart

I want to say
this feeling is exist
and this is acceptable
and this is fitrah
but this is not the time
to celebrate it with the one
coz only with munakahat it can be done

Nurul Huda
30 November 2013