3 hari yang lalu…
melihat orang membawa keranda di depan rumah

2 hari yang lalu…
pada subuh hari, ikutan bareng teman serumah melayat ke tetangga yang meninggal. Ya, aku melihat ibu yang cantik berumur 41 tahun itu itu telah menjadi mayat di depanku. “Nurul, suatu saat kamu akan jadi sepeti ini juga (mayyit)”

1 hari yang lalu…
Ikutan Mubes FKPWI FBS UNP
it was nerve racking when the presidium and the pleno, but tears dropping when goes to the final: the decision of new DPH and the new leaders. Ke BOOS FM Padang, -sudden invitation (^,^)- wawancara bareng teman-teman EDeC tentang English Debating Communty UNP dan berakhir dengan  diskusi tentang dukun and the gank dengan junior( >,<)

Hari ini…
doing house chores and rock to the Pasca Sarjana library. Witlh full packed back pack I walked ‘fire’ly. The librarian says: Sorry we cannot let the ‘outsiders’ came due to certain problem occuring. Hah? tear almost drop but I am still strong to go on. I go to my ultimate library in my campus, and meet with other skripsi fihgter. It just ignite my spirit more and more to finish. Before I arrive in the library, I meet a friend of mine. She said that it is still march and june and septermber  : the schedule of graduation. Well, my mom and dad expect me to graduate in March, yet it is cannot be done. Then, I put a target: June. Even I put a hashtag in my twitter: #wisudaJuni2013

the path is still far to taken. I still have to fight with the chapter 2: the literature review, the recent research and the framework concept. Yet, alhamdulillah I have been falling in love with the book I read : An Introduction to foreign language learning and teaching by Keith Johnson. Hence the variable of ‘laziness’ can be erased 😀 InsyaAllah.

This afternoon I have another gathering. I’ll enjoying, coz I love my friends.

That’s all the report of Nurul Huda
for today
get ready to rock the night with the thesis proposal. Bismillah.

3:19 PM