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in all of these whims
and hopes

it is easy to be astray
lot of temptation is there
to drag us to the hell fire

yet, my dear fellows
Heaven is not cheap nor easy
yet, possible to be achieved and succeeded

come on
ignore the temporary
stare at the eternity

coz if we want to achieve the happiness
the happiness here hastily
we will end up in the the resurrection day
in regret and sorry

Even the good intention
It cannot be executed in one single blink
It all need serious effort
and responsibility

neither the present nor the future that want to be risked

that all I can say
under this calm sky of nigh
that is serene that all human being looking for

may Allah
bless us all


Nurul Huda

this is the ‘diary’

There are many lesson I got,
I found these to videos that wake up my mind
In the morning I read Anis Matta book : Serial Cinta
In the morning I read the Language Learning Strategies PDF
In the afternoon I watch these two awesome videos
In the night, I try to continue reading the Fethullah Gulen book: Islam Rahmatan Lil’alamin

One thing I can say, that being mature is being serious in loving your live, feeding your heart, feeding your mind and thought, feeding your health need. The power of love concept that Anis Matta offers in his book open my mind wide related on how I perceived the love. The power of love can make me read my matter of thesis in almost more that 2 hours : love in knowledge InsyaAllah, and love to parents that has already given me certain trust to continue my study.

The more I read his thougt, the more curiousity I have. May I can ‘drink’ his thoughts for the next morning and rock out my day 😀

others is @mehdirhasan and @talkislam1
this is really awesome
Mehdi Hasan is an super astonishing debaters I have ever perceived in my debating carrier. He can confidently shout out his thoughts which is logical and reasonalbe against snobby atheist! Subhanallah…
I want all muslim around the earth watch it ^_^

the second one, I got it from a sister in twitter
It take me to the bottom of the thoughts of why human being exist, and what they are looking for and what kind of manual the Creator has provided for us. It reminds me of the process of creation, the death, the resurrection day,..

now is 12:41 am
not to mention to mention yet to documenting the time

I thank you for reading

Nurul Huda