Sometime I think that marriage is a place for hang out and relax and do nothing unless enjoying the halal life Allah has provided us. But then I am awakened by an article that ‘bullies’ my thought.

Then I choose to rethink again, that if the Firdaus is the eternal place to proceed then any tools I have in the worldly life shall be used to proceed the heaven. Then in a logical argument: da’wa above all. Then if marriage will be placed, then it is placed under the da’wa.

A statements that quite shakes my mind but that is the fact that is the way it is. It makes me rethink again, that if someone want to be a real supporter in da’wa then he or she has to fight for it. put aside emotional dominant and consider the logical as the first and foremost.

We choose to be lazy person or a fighter. In Japanese term: hit your head to the wall. I learn that when I am watching Naruto. It means, when we really want to fight for da’wa, then fight. Such a heavy words but it is possible. Again, the intention or the niat is really determine where we will  end. End in the hell or heaven. Do we make the change because of Him or him or her?

I hope that I can survive in this path, and fight for this ultimate truth. May Allah gives me correct niat. ^^

one thing I want to tell to my self: “Nurul, you choose to be the dosser or the fighter” gambate ne Huda kun!!!