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well, this is almost 6 hours before the time is there
I think I am not going to sleep unless 1 hour before down. Not to be brag. I want to finish my proposal. But you know what? I cannot hold my self to shout out in my timeline in FB. You know, a thing that will be shouted by all youth that perceive changes is a necessity.

My nation is going to held a general election on 9th of April this year. I perceive Justice and Prosperous party is the best to rule this country.

Yes, my shouting moment has almost done. it is around 12:27 am and I am still awake. I think I need to pray first to build my concentration on doing my proposal resarch. or, do wudhu first.

Pheew, it is quite hart do close the FB wall, yet I gotta do that. Deep inside my heart I want to post any other comment and status there.
But based on the priorty scale, I got to finish the theisis proposal asap.

May Allah help me 😀
Actually the sources is there. Moreover, Alhamdulillah, I can see the end of my research, I mean, the findings. What I need to do is to perfect some part of it. Concerning the theory and read the related findings carefully.

Hm, finishing the thesis is my way to go to another steps in my life. I have intention to continue to the next chapter of life called ‘family’ and ‘PhD’ after finishing this stuff.

Having own family and running this life in the sense of togetherness will be very awesome. You know what, I decide to take a ‘real tangible’ step after the kompre InsyaAllah. Well then, this is not about who is the one but this is about whether or not the one is willing to work together with me to enter Jannah, build a better character together, and accelerate and spread the good deed to the nation

well, that’s all for now
I got to go to take wudu and doing the proposal

thanks for reading guys.

for further reference on Justice and Prosperous party you can go to: