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lama berfikir akhirnya membuat tulisan juga. Kali ini tentang facebook and what we say in facebook.

Sometime there. is intention to wait for the like and notification in Fb. Some of them are comment. Sometime a question need to be asked.

“Does it make us sick people?”
“Desperately need the attention of others?”

sometime I forgot that this is Allah the One I should consider the most. Does He like what I do? Does He approve my intention? or what Rasulullah say if he were here and see me doing all of these just for being called ‘awesome’ by the people around?

I think that is not good.

When we look for the ridha of a human who bring their dirt everywhere they go. Astagfirullah. Rather than get the ridha of the creatures, it is far more better if I strive hard to get the ridha of the Creator.

yang penting, ga usah niatin untuk yang ga penting. 🙂