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hm, lately i’ve been trying to make up several post that is not related on me. He he, bit formal. Now I am going to tell what I’ve done lately.

I was ironing for packing while listening to Yusuf Estef videos and Felix Siaw video. It works, it increases my knowledge in Islam. On why Islam is correct, on how it is reasonable. That isYusuf Estef story as the preacher, he thought that religion do not need proove. All you need to do is to believe. That is it: believe. His interaction with an Al Azhar graduate made him curious on what religion and what God actually. Masya Allah, I am becoming more thankful born as a Muslim.  😀 Yes, finaly he, his friend, his wife and his father converted to Islam.

I also watch a video about a Jew converting to Islam. This is really logic and really academic. He gives us advise “My advise for the new Muslims or people who have been Muslims for a long time is just to bear with patience and see what Allah will surprise you with. Not with fear but with love and hope” in minute 26:47 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oY6nhPpXnU&list=PLwg4vzFVW-SruxzbIw0JNd-rdQM129MaC

And I watch video from Felix Siaw, I learn that the sperm from 5 million only 1 can reach the ovum, and there is no rehearsal for  each the sperm before they meet the ovum. How could they know the way and how could the meet choosing the right or the left vivarium correctly? There must be something about it. God does exist. We come from a monkey? Come on, the survival of the fittest Darwin tell us that this is only the stronger can survive. If the ancestor is a monkey, and we are from the monkey, it means there is no more monkey coz they cannot survive and we -human- can survive. Brilliant!  And about the universe, how could the massive  gigantic ‘ball’ (starts) can spin and move  in high speed without any collision? And if we want to brag our self on earth, we are to tiny to brag on ourselves. Literally tiny. Earth is a single grain of sand compare to the universe. Out there, there is Sun. Compare to another star, called Arcturus, sun is just a chocolate chip grain compare to a ball for football. Now, How ‘big’ we are to brag?

It come to my mind, not only to think about my field – language learning- but sometime I need to see other field of study to make my self realize on who I am and who you are, guys 😀 let’s know a bit of biology and astronomy.

I remember what Yusuf Estef told us, that there are many things to do to improve ourselves to be a better Muslim. Yes, Islam is perfect; no doubt. Muslim, need to practice what Islam says and then, they’ll  run their life in a perfectly as human being 😀

the last but not least, I see these there people talk about Al Quran. The Holy book that sometime I do not read that often. I see these people says that Al Quran is extremely awesome. Yusuf and the ex-Jewish professor cried when listened to it. MasyaAllah

Not only that, my ‘exposure’ to students in Arrisalah -where there they are treated like a pearl in the shell- make me more me ashamed on my self that even do not that close with Al Quran. They are, young teenagers, can memorize 3 or 7 Juzz. Me, a 24 years old lady struggling to memorize even just a Juz of it.

Actually tomorrow is the time for the debating class in ArRisalah, yet I cannot bear my anxiety to face these students. Awesome students with awesome knowledge. You know what, the feeling I feel this time is less of more similar with the feeling of the preparation when I do packing for my trip abroad.

This is quite late, I guess I am going to do tahajjuj before I go to bed first.

Thanks for reading guys 🙂