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several time to left the hometown to fight for the thesis to Padang.  Indeed, this is the time to gift my self a gift after several works I’ve done: writing.

Let talks about move on. A thing which is many things people try to achieved. There are several procedures to do it. The first is to admitting and accepting the status quo. Yes, the reality on what actually our lives look like. The health, the chance, the wealth, the grade of academic, the ibadah, the social, the everything. Be honest to see it then we’ll see a picture of the status quo we have.

Then, assess the status quo which ones are good which one are bad. Keep the good ones, improve and increase and utilize them more. Throw away the bad, we are no longer need them.

Sometime, there is so many hesitation whether we do correct or wrong thing. Then, sometime we have to say to ourselves that “Now I am doing a correct thing.” or “This is a correct decision” Then confidence will be there. But wait, how to make sure that we are doing correct or wrong? Increase the knowledge. Read the book, discuss with the expert.

Then, enjoy the happy life 😀

Move on to me and you guys 😀
8th Ramadhan 1435 H
7th July 2014

12:24 am