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perjalanan skripsi itu sudah hampir sampai akhir. Beberapa jam lagi ketemu dengan dosen penguji a.k.a besok pagi, InsyaAllah.

Ada rasa rada bingung ketika ketemu saudara-saudara yang keren, di satu sisi merasa bersyukur di sisi lain “wah, aku tidak sebaik mereka” jadinya panik sendiri. Ah, sering itu 🙂 Mustinya ambil baiknya aja kali ya? Karena ga semua karakter mereka cocok dengan karakter aku. Ada yang baik tapi pendiam, ya aku ambil yang baiknya aja. Ada yang hafidz, ada yang orginasator tingkat tinggi, ada yang sangat bertanggung jawab. Yup, ambil point yang baiknya ga perlu copy paste semua karakter dia kan ya.

sometime which I often forget. I try to vanish my own character when I see someones awesome. Try to copy all and end up in desperate. While it is not the function of what these people are provided around. This is to take the good and leave the bad or things which is not suitable for us., psychologically. Coz, we cannot put out feet in someone else shoes, right?

sebuah pernyataan dari seorangs teman “semua orang punya sisi kelebihan dan kekurangan, do not overestimate them and then underestimate yourself” Trying to put the bar in balance. we cannot see that good only and ignore the bad and vise viersa.

And how to deal with the weaknesses of others? Some of them I can stand some of them I cannot stand. yet my brother ask me to not that easy to tell that “I dont like”

salah seroang ulama bilang “aku sibukkan diriku untuk melakukan perbaikan, memebenahi kekuranganku”I mean like, being focus on what weaknesses we have and make a betterment is awesome work to be done. We cannot ask the all people to rule on what exactly on what we want them to do. They have the choice what to do -as long as it is do not danger the mankind and mother nature- they have right on it. 

may Allah give me and you guys strength to see the picture of life wisely and correctly. Able to see what black, white and grey. which one is green, pink, red, or yellow. We life in this dunya so short, it is too painful to live on others people shoes in our entire life. Allah has created us with certain trait. Then trying  or even ‘acting’ hard being others is a sorrow full activity.

I wont be you, and you wont be me

there are certain mandatory things to conduct: pray five times a day, do zakat, be kind to others. But, in the extends of facial expression, we have our own preference, don’t we? He he 

thanks for reading guys.