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Here we go

In my opinion, religion is the full right on every single person who belief in that religion to practice what they are conducted on. This is the fundamental philosophical value which no one can force them to lift.

Running the religion as what their holy book and the prophet ask them to do is a calming things for them. Since you are going to choose a mate which will be you spouse for this life and afterlife, it is will be best if you have the one who has the same line with you to run this life. This line called: religion.

Practicing thing as your religion told you together with your spouse is an overwhelming thing to do. Even more, running the life with person which has the same fundamental philosophical value will really help the marriage run better than with the one who has very different basic philosophical value.

Lots of things to face in the life after marriage. Fussing about the basic philosophical stand, every day and time will only exhaust the spouses and make life after marriage as an inferno. Marriage supposed to make you feel the tranquility inside, right?

Go same religion marriage

he he he  😀