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here it comes.

This Friday I got an attack in my head. Asking me about “What you do really want, Nurul”
I listen to a song , reading a comment in facebook of my friend that happily reading an awesome book, looking to whatsapps my brother get progress on what he has been doing, and my sisters who accelerate confidently in awesome character. And I see my self…

last night I write it down in my twitter:

“lorong-lorong aktualisasi diri itu ada di hadapan. Tinggal mau beranjak dan berjalan ke sana atau tidak.
 yeah, where is it? I can see the tunnels clear, I can see it. This is the matter of the act I take. Owh, the are so many distraction around. Lot of fun things to do hence I neglect the urgent. Sometimes, knowing the status quo is not enough. Knowing something to be fix and be honest with it and repair it.
It has been so long, it too long. Those tunnels shine bright just before my reach. All I need to do is to take the steps to reach and walk through them. I can see diamonds and ancient artwork around their walls.

I need to take medicine: consulting my God in praying or make a repent. And do one  superb exercise called action.

This life is about attaining a purpose. Then, when you life not only to better your self but also to better things around you.. and Islam is about submitting your self to the will of Allah, the will of God. So that you can prepare yourself for the eternal joy” by Nouman Ali Khan

Yeah, submitting my self to the will of Allah. That is all I need to do. My Allah grant me -and those who feel suffer on the distractions- more understanding, more bravery, more capable in setting the urgent, more good character and good conduct until we meet Him. Aaamin