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long time I didnt write here πŸ˜€
and the things will be about: Heaven

heaven is the ultimate place to proceed by human. Place where there is no responsibility, no more obligation to do, no more responsibility to do, no more burden. Even there is no more shalat and fasting .

Well, why am I writing this? is it about I dont want to pray or what? Nope, this is about the place to take a rest after a vigorous strunggling here in dunya. We struggle hard here in dunya: wake up in the morning, go to school or collage to learn, go to work (for those who work), prepare meals for lunch or grab some lunch, get back home, have dinner, make assignments or task which near the deadline, doing loundry, ironing, have tught agenda and hot argument in meeting -not once, often!-. What else? Pursuing dreams and target which has been detailed form a life time goals, 10 yeaars goals, 5 years goals, 1 years goals, one semester goals, a month goals, a week, a day or even hours.

A kid- go to school – go to college- get job – married – have children – work hard to earn money for kids – children go to shcool – the kids grow up and go to college – kids getting married – earning pesion- have awesome eldery time

What these all about? A circle of life which will never end? Yes there is the end: death πŸ˜€

To enter heaven we have to die first. Human shall taste death first before entering it. And the question is not when we will die: coz it is hidden by God. But the question is : what to bring to die? This is not diamond, gold, gadget, or followers in twitter. This is good deed.

What are good deeds? There many good deeds such as be good person, be kind, pray 5 times a day, share smiles, read book and share the knowledge, be humble, help those in needs, be a good kid for parents, praying, fasting, and getting married. And,.. getting married.

Why do I have to mention the word getting married twice? Well, in ‘the circle of life’ I am in that position right now,. Who is the one? Who Allah has prepared for me? perhaps he has been around? the real one is the one who will say the ‘mistaqan ghalizan’ with my father one day.? The one who will say Aqad Nikah with my father. That is the one. Then, he is the one. πŸ™‚

Well, no need to dwell on “the one” but my concern more on how to perceive a marriage. Hm, getting marriage is also one of the bulk deed to bring to enter haeven. Now what to think on marriage.

Coming to marriage means the are several things of us will be change or some of our traits will be ‘compromised’. We’ll be in the state of ‘negotiating’ with the spouse we have or we are going to have. What I am going to say is there is an uncompromised fact which will be happening: there is an unavoidable changing.

Hm, the freedom will be lessen, unlike in a single status: free to do anything at anytime and anywhere. When we are getting marriage, there will be someone who’ll worry on us. The one who will feel bad if I am not being protected or I am trapped in a dangerous situatuon. There is someone who’ll feel extremely worry if I try extreme sports. Then? certain limitiation there. Not to Β strict my movement, but I am seeing this as how I respect the innate feeling or emotion of him (Allah knows more who ‘him’ is).

What else? I gotta care more to the surrouding, and care on things which I do not care that much. If I do not care on things about ‘girly’ stuff in my single life, then I have to concern on it now. If I care too much on theorical compared to practical before. then now I have to also care on what Β ‘mom stuffs’ which lots of them are practical. If I do not concern on whether or not I can cook, then now I have to be able to cook. Ei! I am not saying that the job of a mother is merely coocking πŸ˜€ I uphold liberty and equality, you know πŸ˜€ Why I have to cook is more on practical: in the East, woman should able to cook. And I think that is makes sense. My brother when he get back from his study in Java (I live in Sumatera) loves my mom and dad cook. Being a mother who able to cook is an overwhelming. Especially, feeling when the kids love the food we make. For me, eating the food of my mom in the lunch time is awesome :D, isn’t it? So, I wanna be one of that kind of Mom πŸ˜€

Wait, what is the correlation of getting marriage, compromised traits or interest, able to cook and heaven? Surely there is a correlation. These are means to enter heaven.

this is not yet enough, how to accept the one? After an istikharah? How if the answers in him is also I am the one for him?

Accepting the one? There is certain expectataion of course. It is the basic level of needs. Psychological, living, health, education, intelectual, religious support, and self actuallization approval. hehe,.. I am seeing that as the basic needs of me.

What if he is the one and after his istikharah he also think that I am the one? Hm, there must be an awesome traits he has which makes me want to marry him. How to deal with that awesome traits which I do not have? Well, tough question though… Let me think…

to be continued to the next writing


PS: I am on the process of changing parts of my habbit

Nb: this is not a galau note, this is a note of preparation of death and entering heaven by seeing the practicality of what to do in dunya πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
thanks for reading guys πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€