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After more that 5 years, I back to Bukittinggi. I feel part of it as a relief part of it as sadness. Relief? I am back to my hometown, where a great thinker and reader name Mohammad Hatta come from. Sadness? Gotto say goodbye to place that has accompanied my adventure, meeting, studying, championship and hang out for years: Padang.

Um, how my life look like here?
I arrange my book on and in my table. Make it as convenient as possible, I put it near a window so when the wind blow I can feel it. Like how I write now. Alhamdulillah the weather is very lovely here.

Usually sometime when I wake up in the morning the ‘boredom’ strikes me and I ‘die’.  But now it seems different, piles of books are here with comfy table, chair, lovable weather, awesome view, and I am home 😀

My brain seems almost always awake when I remember the dreams and target I pursue. When I realize lots of things I didn’t know yet. When I realize lots of awesome books on my table I didn’t finish reading or not yet be read. When a lot of possibilities and the chance I can make for my future. Lovely, lovely…

As my friend, Ifa, says : “We just want to stay awake. We take less sleep.”

Sort of that condition is surrounding my head right now. And the place is really supporting.

MasyaAllah, Alhamdulillah…
I am really grateful to Allah for all of this. Um, grateful is not enough without real conduct right? Gotto pray Duha and finish ODOJ before the time. Being a better slave of my God is the way to do grateful. Saying alhamdulillah is good but not yet enough if there is no such a real action to show that I am grateful to Him.

you know, Love is a verb. Grateful is an adjective. Adjective is  a word that describes a person or thing. So if I love my God and I am grateful toward Him, I have to do action to prove my love and do things to prove that I am an grateful slave of Him.