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Then how if the one has good character that I do not have? (the unanswered question in my post The Pursuit of Heaven (Part I))

Recently, I have a discussion with a friend of mine. My friend says that
Marriage is not to complete each other but to strengthening each others. 
Do not make your spouse to complete you because the result of your marriage will be zero. See: 1+(-)1 = 0
What to do is to make the best of you in front of your spouse. You and your spouse strengthening each other. That’s it.” Less or more, that is what my friend says. And that is new notion of marriage.

Before, I think in marriage, we complete each other. It looks like the spouse I have will help me to cover my weakness. He does what I cannot do. Hehehe
But it is not.

That job called: Dealing with the awesome character my, or you guys’ future spouse is an awesome job to do. That job called: either you do make the be best of you, or you do make the best of you 😀 #maksa

Sort of that. Realizing this, bulk of things I have to pursue. I have to learn from other notions who has strength in the point where I have weakness in. As what Nouman Ali Khan in his videos “Discover your Identity”

to close this part, I have awesome notions from Yasir Qadhi “religion isn’t just abstract, it ‘s really changing the world in a possitive manner”

I means, any theories I seek, any philosophical arguments I have means useless if there is no real tangible effect to my surrounding. This a tough work to do: shifting from my ‘mind’ exercise to real contribution to my ‘physical’ exercise. A thoughts that I have agree for years that mind is more important that what people perceive as factual life in this case the matter that can bee seen and touch which is called physical world. Shifting this concept of realm is a mega-construction for a Nurul Huda.

I am not saying that I am totally ignore the physical world or the practicality in life, but the mind realm or philosophical things are just more attempting for me to surf.

So, what are the correlation of all of this to the pursuit of heaven?
Hm, let me try to cascade it

marriage : strengthening each other to be the best in front of spouse we have

heaven needs real tangible act : make what you now in your kingdom of mind into real tangible action is reality because religion is not only abstracts, it is changing the world into a positive manner.

well, that is my writing today
thanks for reading guys 😀 😀

so sorry if it is a bit serious and taste more personal. Hahaha