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I’ve been around pretending I do not need to read and write. At least this 10 days, You know what happened? My head is just like hang. Kind of weird.

I read book but not as much as I want, I downloaded books by Tariq Ramadan, Karen Armstrong, and Malcolm X but I didnt read them yet. They are just that delicious and my distracted mind somehow blow me here and there and merely touch a finger tip of that books. And at the end I end up with a ‘desperation’ on ‘When can I read them?’

not to mention the book “you are not so smart” one which I have got the pdf as well. Book I am looking for a quite a while.


I think I need to fight against my distracted mind which somehow bent my focus from the real focus I want. Kepoing on this website could be good productivemuslim.com to give a blood B type and ENFP person like me to cover my weakness.

This is should be a real tangible thing. Coz, somehow,  lately I delay on making planning, then not that much things happening in my life since I do not meet the planning. What to accomplish if there is no such a planning I made by my self then? Well, I make the planning the general one though, my life time planning yet the short time should be made as well at least once in a week.

Kind of many things to do, to see, to read, to experience, to talk, to plan, to execute, to think, to do, to share, to watch, to extract, to write.

Uh uh,  I see now. I should have a “Me Time” each day. Well, there is only ME and MY TIME where no one sees me. When?

LIke what I am doing right now, this is 3:43 AM and I awake 😀

Before I got to sleep, tell to Allah that I want to have my own time. That I face problem in managing ideas in my mind. That I need to talk with myself. That I need to ‘escape’ from ‘what are you doing’ eyes. That I need to establish confident within me and says: you can handle it Nurul.

This is it, the time after tahajjud. Everything like so free. I can read, surf things, watch and listen to any ideas I want. Lovely, lovely, without any distraction one: “Why are you doing this? Why dont you do that?”

I want to enjoy my life. But, to enjoy my life first, I my life with people around me should be settled first. In the extend of : I do the best  and done best with chores around me that have connection between me and people around. Things that I have to ‘strive for’ for a ideas addict like me. Well, life is a test, and that is my test.

Before striving with the chores around, then I have to make a settlement with my own self. How to deal with my I-am-hungry-for-notion mind? I have to feed my brain first and make her able to speak up,  by writing the notion I have, then I can face my daily life which is this case: facing people. Building what is inside me first then face the day 😀 Sounds interesting and peaceful.

You know what? I am inspired by a very cool notion from first scholar mention by Tariq Ramadan in one of his videos of Path to Justice”The Real Meaning of Jihad”

what is the end?
What you are you want to achieve in this world?
What you want to achieve in this life:

you want to achieve:
peace with Allah

peace with your self
peace with the world
. . . 

I am not justifying my weakness, gotto learn though.

Bacause after the knowledge is the execution of the knowledge

Beacause after the faith there is execution, conducting  good deeds.

Thanks for reading guys 😀



this post is not yet ended
you know what? I just do stalking on this post, then I got e brilliant answer of my question

“It’s not about the idea that you have, but rather the execution of that idea.”

phew,.. that’s tough. But awesome!

Eits, still I percieve that Ideas is important, yet the execution is equally important 😀 That what I got from that post.