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As a debater, I often faced with motion of freedom of expression. I understand that people around the globe have freedom in expressing their thoughts. But now come to case of Charlie Hebdo, does that things is also taking into account?

let me put it in things

what to do with freedom of expression?
We should let people express their expression. They have right on that though.

what to do if they make fun of my religion?
Tough question, isn’t it? Then I have right to say that I dont like it. Wait, right to say?
Yes. Since I also have the freedom of expression, dont I?

Do world really fair on freedom of expression?
Nope, they have double standard.
Look, there is worker in Charlie Hebdo making fun of Jew and then that worker is fired within two week. And there is worker making fun of Islam Prophet and he is an Arab, and it was just all Ok, in other hand, not being fired by the company.
Dude, if you really stand up against racism then you should be agree to fight against all racism through out the world. Not merely privileging certain race if you really uphold anti racism.

The value of 12 people in French killed and hundreds in Iraq and Syria. Which one is heavier in the status quo?
Its supposed to be the same. Yet the media are so overwhelming in exposing the death of the 12 and as if there is nothing happening in Iraq and Syria because it happens dialy. The world is raging on what happen in the French and somehow ‘silent’ on what happening in the Iraq and Syria on  So, what  makes it different? They are human and the should be perceive and should be valued as the same. The value of the death in French are just the same as the value of the death of  other nations in other countries.

well, that is my position on the freedom of expression. I make this after I watch an interview in Al Jazeera with Tariq Ramadan, Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies, Oxford University. I really like the way he articulate his point of view in seeing the double standard of expression and his stand on justice and his anti racism mind.

thanks for reading guys 😀
Nurul Huda