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lots of ideas are in my minds. Last night I slept for around 1 or 2 am. In the morning, the need of drinking the thoughts on. I did my morning routine as fast as possible and the sitting in front of my notebook to write. When I did my breakfast, I even listen to a video of double standard of freedom of expression.

I did that in my dialy routine, lately. When I do the dishes or making my meals, I listen to debate or lecture form scholar. The rage is about religion, life, reform, Islam, atheist, and so on and so forth.

I feel very blessed with bulk of time I have now. Hm, fyi.. I am learning cooking and doing Minangkabau Girl stuff in my hometown for couple of time. Outsiders may see it backwards, but not for me. hehe..

For me, now, learning to be a real girl is as important as learning about philosophical of life. You know what Beyonce says “Who run the world? Girls!” Hahaha

Back to my focus. This is not easy task to deal with to-be-good-minangkabau-girl activity, but knowing what will happen after this, I am now accepting the status quo that I have to learn. My time split for two: The practical of being a good minang girl and flourishing my kingdom of mind. One is practical other one is philosophical. At first it is seems hard, seriously. I used to concern to the second. But now, it seem happier, I am starting to enjoy the first one. I go running or walking for around 2 km every morning and that really boost up my passion to face my life. Not to mention, every time I  run I see several grave yard near the sidewalk. It brings benefit to me. The benefit is that, almost every morning, in this 8 days, I remember one thing that Steve Job thinks to set up the most priority things in his life which is : death.

This practical things to be a good girl is really benefited for my life. Now, i become more optimistic and passionate facing my life. In addition, it also add the sense of aware that I only have limited time in my life so I have to wake up, when the time demand me to wake up a.k.a wake up early for subuh prayer.

Usually when I am stay up late at night, in the morning I give up to the sleepy eyes, but not now. Not now…

My life is so priceless, thanks God, if feel it now. I try to ‘ignore’ the ideas of: You have graduate? Do this and this for your job. Um… wait? Job? I am an ENFP is not a person who will bent down on practical or common opinion if they do not suit my interest. Hm, and my interest is… reading, writing, sharing ideas, ideology talk. Being an author suit me best , I guess. So, what is my ‘job’ then. I am bachelor in education field. Yet, it doesnt mean I have to be a teacher, does it?

Back to the time I got now. I am really happy with the status quo of my life right now. I see my self is progressing to be a better daughter for parents and sister for my little sister. Has it reach the ‘perfect’ state? Nope, not yet. It still far. What I am saying is that I do the process and get the progress. That’s the key, do the process and get the progress

thanks for reading guys

Nurul Huda