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sort of cautious sight I have in this prepared farewell. The books on the table are so lovable to left. Things don’t seem really clear when the time does not get that close. Time goes by, I stare at the chandelier. Arranging the books, I am asphyxiated. I forget to breath. My fingers are arranging them, I verily hold my tears. I don’t want to waste the tears any longer. I tell silently to my self a paramount sentence I once abandon. “I will go”

I bite my tongue as I make wrinkle between my eyebrows. With all confident and strength I can muster, I keep arranging the book. My mind flying high, high above the sounds and that chandelier. I jettison my senses for a while, the load in my mind is getting lighter. I am no longer in the same realm as before. I am lost in a journey in my head.

Until before this very moment, I am still able to say “well, it is not that near. The time is still quite a while” Now i am chucked. A stone is blocking my throat. The books are being arranged, still.

tick-tock, tick-tock… Sadness flickers in my smile. Then bravery ignites from within. My eyes seeing a land far beyond my door. A wanderer vibe possesses me. My sight is still flying far. To the very far land. I muster all my strength and confidence. I stare at the books, and hug them with my soul.

I whisper to a friend who is not here “Shall we go now, fellow?”