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well, what now to explain? Hm…
it has been around 9 days i didnt make any status in fb. Hahaha. An accomplishment 😀

This several days, I am inviting something interesting in google: quotes. I feel they are so fascinating. Now i realize that I love quotes and frankly speaking, somehow i keen my eyes on the reference sometimes. it is just that mesmerize to muster that thoughts of human packed in several words.

This sevveral days, I do not really have that musch activity on my social media. Haha.. even my teacher recognize there is something happening “Nurul seems quite quiet lately..” she wondered.

what actually happens? I draw back from all of this (hehe, as If I am that famous :D) I want to grasp the very meaning of life. Eaaaa..

I want to feed my mind and heart. That is where I feel I alive. My mind is thirsty of thoughts and my heart thirsty of reminder. The days getting dark and I read things to vanish my thirst for a while. Anyway, today I become that very thirsty -literally- I dont know why. Ummm.. I take a lot of glasses of water today. But that’s good by the way, for my health.

I need to nourish three things. First, is my heart with spiritual and philosophical notions. Secondly, nourishing my mind: ideas and appealing notions. Thirdly, my physic : nourishing it with healthy food. For the record, I eat almost 1 kg of raw tomato-with sugar- and walking for less that 2 km and run for 2 km today.

thanks for reading 😀