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In the world of confusion, my thoughts suffer an anemia which make it anemic. Like a snow in Sahara. Those eloquent scholars I meet through my journey of listening, watching or reading pour cold water to my heated head. The scholar who live at the moment and those who lived in several centuries ago equipped me with awesome intellectual armor.

A girl with rebel thought like me won’t knee to any despotic regime of mind colonization. And the truth will stand still until the end of the day.

At least, within my minutes and seconds that reminded. Tomorrow, when I be numb in my grave, I can smile. That I have something to contribute to the world. Something useful for my offspring and the whole mankind. That is called: liberation of mind. That unites human with any colour of skin, race, religion, and political background to achieve peace. Peace for you and me.

Nurul Huda
Bukittinggi, Indonesia