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Hi guys, long time no see..
What to say now? Hm.. I have been experiencing the teaching in May. I have become a lecturer ๐Ÿ˜€
Sort of awesome experience I guess. Hehe

What to tell now? Hm,.. I am on the way to be better in time management and emotion management. Time management you know it right? Sort of the priority scale. Emotion management. Haha, a person like me need to read to ease the pain inside. Nope, not real pain, I mean sometime my head is to full of ideas and as if there is nothing I can do to face what is in my head. Debater ๐Ÿ˜€

So I need to literally sit with heavy books around me, turn on the music, and read with stationary around me. That is my most academic way of releasing my bad mood or stress. The other way?I eat. Literally eating. Some of stress eating sometime. I know it brings no good. I’m thinking that eating can make me better. Eating a lot. But it brings me even more bad feeling next couple of hours. wkwkwkw

In my head, full of ideas, ENFP type, sometime time is not enough. This month, I barely have time to think that “I have enough time to do this and that”. Something that is weird is that I almost always thinking that “The time is not enough”. Being anxious that way, I end up in facing the fact that not many things I accomplish because of I’m busy thinking that the time is not enough. All time I feel in rush as I’m chasing by my targets and appointments I make.

Frankly speaking I even ever forget to breath when I think too much. I experienced that back in my college time. Hahaha. Now I do not forget to breath any longer, but yes for the short breath. Coz my head is full of ideas and then I only have short breath. I rarely take a long deep breath.

Oh ya, I am teaching right? I deal with grammar most of the time. I sneak out from the reality of me that I am a debater that need to read articles and news that have many difficult vocabulary and complicated idioms and phrases. I sit in comfy couch called: I solely teaching. haha

yesterday I open economist.com a page that I used to visit for debating material in my college days. I begin to think that “Nurul, do you really want to upgrade you self? THIS is the things you NEED to read. X+1 girl, X+1..”

X+1 is a formula in teaching that my lecturer told me. When teaching, see the status quo of your students. All you need to do for the material they have is to add ‘1’ above their current capacity. It works in teaching. You wont make them feel stressed on grammar or listening or pronunciation by giving too complected ones. In the other hand, giving them the ‘X’ will make them feel that there is nothing new to learn, it will create boredom. Even more, if we give “-1” they will start thinking “What is the urgency of me to follow all of this class? I’ve known this material already”

where were we? Oh.. My own “X +1″. Then I challenge my self. To read above my current vocabulary bank. I have to make my self get used to those difficult vocabulary. I need to shower my eyes with that difficult words. Unless, I wont grow. My skill I mean.

Let me tell you a story, I have a junior who is able to control her life like a machine. If there is any changing she want to make in her life, all she need to do is to re-program her self. The moment it is finished, she is there to start the new program. I am feeling blessed to meet her. A person like me should learn a lot from her.

I am easily distracted with things, sometime, my way to lessen the risk I did in the future is to move from one distraction to another distraction. Say, distraction A is really appealing, but A brings harm to my mood for example. Then my way to escape is to move to distraction B which will not bring bad mood for me in the future. That is my way to deal with dangerous distraction. ย I have to make it clear in ย my mind that the distraction B has fun as much as fun as distraction A.

Speaking about fun. I think, I have to do things all in my life in a fun way. I even write a sticky not on my wall ” LIFE IS FUN, make a fun road to jannah (heaven)” So, FUN is a necessary, happiness is a necessary. It sounds cliche, it may not work for all situation but at least I should be happy in my mind before I start the day out. Yeah..

Anyway, it perhaps can be implemented in all situation. even if in the worst scenario, if you face it happily, at least yourself wont suffer that bad. Happiness in mind can bring you smile in difficult situation.

I have appointment in a couple of hours, see you later.
Thanks for reading guys ๐Ÿ˜€