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apan menjelekkan diri atau lingkungan? “Gue emang gini orangnya” “Payah, ga ada harapan lagi” “Sudahlah, mendingin menghindar” Atau pertanyaan lebih tepatnya sampai kapan menghindar dari kewajiban sebagai manusia?
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Hari terinspirasi dari ceramah Tariq Ramadan: being faithful is to be faithful to conduct the practices.

Yap, to practices. It is not merely to the extend of the theory. Another notion he said is also about the coexistence of the action and the knowledge. If there is any discrepancy between what someone know and what someone do, it means there is something wrong with the comprehension.

Dan menurut aku itu ngena banget. Being a muslim is not merely great in notion, great in the memorizing the rules, but also to the extend of the action we take. In addition, God doesn’t command us something that human being cannot undertake.

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