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Now I am a housewife, and I have plenty of time to read actually. Yet, lately I have very view interaction with words. Nope, not because of my husband forbid me, he does provide me many books to read. πŸ˜€

I was reading a good post in whatsApp lately. It said that lack of brain excersice makes people more vulnurable to senility. And I scream in silent “Hiy..” I has been around couple of months I guess, I do not read or listen to such ‘heavy’ ideas. Even if so, it is so view and not that many. I don’t think the amount of my exposure to a ideas that can exercise my mind that much.

I have plenty of time, I am not yet utilized it to the fullest. Seeing for a busy man perspective, he or she would be very angry seeing me wasting my time exept for doing house hold chores. If I calculate it detailly I have many time to make my brain exercised and make it stronger and stronger. “Brain is like a knife, that can be dull if it is not sharpened. And the way to sharpen it is by thinking.” That is what I got after reading Sensei Edi Syukur in a telegram group.

Now, the fact that senily and the dull of the brain are strong enough to make me move from this ‘silent’ status quo.

Anyway, I read books, you will be amazed. I read novels! πŸ˜€ I have finish “Ayah” by Andrea Hirata in November, and I start reading “Negeri Para bedebah” by Tere Liye on this December. What?? Nurul Huda read Tere Liye’s? In the past, I choose not to read Tere Liye’s coz I thought the pieces he created were just so called not-in-line with the hard line of Nurul Huda’s taste. You know, I prefer the heavy wide range philosphical book. Even if I was looking for the value of life, I would directly go to real motivational book, rather that ‘scavanged’ it from a long boring story of Novels. Take “Serial Cinta” by Anis Matta for example. I dare to put it as the most triggering book for me, up to now, that can move me when I feel lazy or questioning on how to value life.

yes, I have to confess, that my intention to write a novel move me to read more books, in this case novels. My little bro ask me “How many novel you have read so far?” Then I count “Tetra logi laskar pelangi, kiki strike, negeri lima menara, ranah tiga warna, ayat-ayat cinta, dibawah mihrab cinta, and some others” so it is around 10 novels. He the shocked me with statements “To make a novel, you have to read 40 novels. Long way to go, Nu. Unless you just make a shallow novel if you do not have that long hours interacting with novels”

Okay, then I read the novels.

I got to go now, I am preparing for walking this morning with my husband. There is an even this Sunday in his office for the employee & fams. Hehehe, I am a wife now. gotto prepare breakfast πŸ˜€ Thanks for reading.

And I thank you guys, for still have willingness to read my post after a long periode of pause. Thanks for reading πŸ˜€ Have a good day guys πŸ˜€