Barusan kepo tentang ENFP di google. And it results some tremendous result. Ternyata Che Guevara, Steve Jobs, Mark Twain, Bill Clinton, Moammar Gadafi, Po the Panda, Naruto, Shalman Rushdie all of them are ENFP. Not to mention, Walt Disney, Daniel Radcliffe, Madonna dan Gwen Stevani  as well. Realizing this, there are a lot of things appear in my mind.

Dengan kapasitas sebagai karakter yang kreatif idealis, pemikir dan tidak mau diatur, dan mempunyai sisi introvert orang-orang ENFP mempunya kekuatan untuk menjadi ahli di bidannya masing masing. Ada yang concern di filsafat, akting, jurnalistik, politikus dan revolusioner bahkan diktator. Ide tentang kebahagiaan dan kemampuan meyakinkan orang lain dengan kharisma inspiratornya membuat mereka bahkan bisa menjadi, hampir, apapun.

Bisa menjadi yang dikecam semacam shalman rushdie dan gadafi atau menjadi super hero seperti Naruto dan Po.Pemimpin negara atau revelusioner seperti Bill Clinton dan Che Guevara. Bisa menjadi penulis terkenal dan produktif seperti Mark Twain atau trend setter mode seperti Madonna. Well, it is all up to them.

Saya pribadi memilih untuk, pada saat ini duduk diam mengawasi sebenarnya saya mau jadi apa. Not to brag or to boast. God gives me a lot of capability like ability of drawing, writing and language learning. Somehow, it is hard to define on which direction I want to go to. Since, all of them are appealing and seducing my creative mind. It just not stop. Standing in this position like this will only end in two direction: doing nothing or choose an option of what to do next.

And forthrightly, all facilities around me almost support on what ever I can be. I have a very democratic husband who basically an ESTJ. Hm, maybe some of you will think like on how actually an ESTJ and ENFP can decide to live together? MasyaAllah, I my self is also stunning on that fact. Love can trespass the boundary of psychology of science. He lets me on what ever expert I want to be. Excuse me, dont think that what I am doing is to make a lipservices to say that my husband is good. 😀 hehehe.. I try to make it as objetive as possible. Anyway, perhaps this post can help those guys who want to marry an ENFP girl.

firstly, he never be an authoritarian man. We even ever discuss on this that is most likely sensitive case like: Israeli can be life peacefully with Palestinian and even with Christian in the land of Jerussalem and Palestina. Just like in Prophet Muhammad pbuh Era . Where the three religions live peacefully once, before any betrayal. See? it is most unlikely in my surrounding to have that such kind of idea. I don’t really know whether he agree on my ideas but he let me be with my ideas. Splendid!

Secondly, he knows that I am not a type of person that like to be rule. He lets me to do things and just wait for my own consciousness to take actions. Well to say it in truth buddy, I feel as the person who has the most freedom in my life. The most ‘liberal’ woman on earth. That freedom is priceless, buddy.

Thirdly, he doesn’t ask me to be any body else and facilitate my creativity. Again, the basic of family we want to build is to respect each other basic traits. We dont modify our spouse, yet we try to make the best of us. And he does it more then me, I think. I put respect on that to him 😀

Fourthly, to be continued