Hi, it’s been around 8 months I haven’t written anything here. Hehehe, I’m sorry. Well, now I have become a mother of a baby boy 🙂

Talking being a mom, it’s somethow difficult to explain. Some says that being a full-time mom is easy. Really? Let break the responsibility for chores. Being a mom means you have responsibility to take care of at least 3 people: your baby, your husband and your self. 

Sometimes, for me, I forgot to do one thing, is to have a me time for my self. You know what? Me time for me is not hanging out to a coffee shop and sit for hours, but it can be sitting with books and drink coffee of fresh water. It can also by drawing things. Others are drawing or setting planning for next months or years. It is relaxing and help my brain to have some muscle 🙂

Seeing or observing pictures in Instagram or reading status in Facebook is sometimes borring. I mean, sometime I need to write in place which is more private, like a blog. Only those who have intention to read will read 🙂

Well, thanks for reading 🙂