I don’t want to be the best, but I want to be better. I got the that from Norman Ali Khan video. The meaning of Ahsanu in “Man Ahsanu ‘amala” in surah Al Mulk is “better”

We will be “torturing” ourselves f by thinking that “I have to be the best me”. And when we fail to be one, it will end up with ” Okay, I can never be good”. Anyway,  sometimes our standard of good is dictated by people around us. Which we will never be able to satisfy every individual. It will only lead us thinking that we are nothing. And live our life in nothingness. As long as we make sure that we do not take somebody else rights, will be OK.

Well, actually those two paragraphs above are inspired by Naked videos.

Yap, Ramadan is about to come. I know I am not perfect and have so many flow. Yet, I know Allah’s mercy is abundant. I don’t need to be the best, because by being the best means no more improvement and surely there will be massive regret and reluctant to do good again if I fail once. I dont need to do something as people standard. I will make my own. Bismillah.. 
Balikpapan 26th of May 2017