Alhamdulillah sekarang sudah jadi Ibu dari 2 orang calon pemimpin masa depan, insyaAllah.

It has been a while im not writing. Busy about posting things on other social media. Tonight I just made a mile stone. Reducing account I follow in my instagram into 100+ only. It brings more calm in my busy head as someone who love to analyze things. Finally.

Anyway, I followed MBTI test again. The result is I’m an INTP, tadaaaa.. finally I am become an introvert person. wkwkwk.. My friend Milda told me that that is common to change into other type as time goes by since in chapter of life we face different people, different situation, challenge and opportunity.

I tell you guys one thing, next March I am going to be 29, now I am listening to a kocakres song a song I listen in my college life about 7 years ago back then in 2011. I am old enough now, I have been graduated from high school 9 years ago. Sometime I cannot realize that I have been a mom of two, my age is 28, I live with a man I admired and no longer live in Padang.

. . .

In this December, a tsunami Hit region in Selat Sunda, death smells closer this time. I often think about my death. About my debt to Allah I haven’t paid a.k.a fasting. What will happen if I enter the other realm that I cannot get back to this world anymore. I aint wanna pretending to be pious or what, but the fact that I have been bored, overwhelmed, with errands for sometimes lead me thinking “death could be better” answered by Quran which makes me stunned. The next day  after thinking of death could be better, I read Al Quran. I found that after death there is a border I cannot trespass and what I will go to is the judgement day. The only thing the dead ask to God is to return to this world to do good deeds. Man!! RETURN and DO GOOD deeds. That what they want. Suddenly I am stunned and evaluate my thought that I have prepare hard and do hard for my afterlife life. I have to do extra miles in this dunia for not being regret after being buried 6 feet beneath the ground.

In 2019 InsyaAllah I will be equipped with awesome detailed life planning book. My brother Irsyad shows me a link to order that book. For an thinker like me, book is necessary. Cannot be replaced with any apps on gadget.

Anyway, thanks for reading guys. Where ever you are. 😀


Nurul Huda

Depok 29:12:2018