“Owh that cupboard will be awesome for storing clothes.” “That utensil will be facinating to store my stationaries.” Hmm.. that big shining toy car is perfect for my son.”

Notification from online store “super discount for baby needs” or “super low price for furniture” or simple other appealing promo. And other advertisment or promo celebrating the idea of shopping and shopping..

Sounds familiar?

I have been there. It ends up pilling up goods in my house and many of them are not used or stored in a storage room or somewhere else.

I have repented to that materialsm, at least up to this moment. I come to conclution to question my self who sometime follow my whimps and desire of having more and more. You know, emak emak needs. Not fancy stuff though,im not into jewellery person anyway, but to stuff that ‘seems’ useful for house hold chores.

Here are my reasons to stop..

I read KonMari inspirated book, an Indonesian author wrote that. There I learn that piles of unused stuff which consume a lot of space the house will affect our feeling and mind. Less but useful and functional stuff will help us to feel tranquality inside. There I also learn to fight against the urge to buy other stuff that is not necessary. It is not only to save space and money it will also bring peace inside me. As I will live in a neater spacious rooms in my house. Not to mention, it will also save the earth as I go to my second point.

Lately I read instastory from my friend @wepukuma, there is a call to save earth by bringing refilled bottle when you go out, avoind using plastic bag, buy less new things. Yes, less new things means helping to save earth as well. Since it means less used things or less garbage so you will save earth.

Then now I understand the statement of my husband when I plea him to buy things “Nu, dont you think you can use that as a subtitute? Do you think you really need to buy that stuff ?” As a debater I can find hundreds of justification of why I should buy one. But now I realize I shouldnt create one that is based on what is “IN” today or simply becouse I see someones important in instagram using that stuff.

And for the toys of toddler, I listen to Elly Risman in Net TV at youtube, one of toddlers best toys are those which they create with their parents. Like making shoes box and rope into a car together. That the best one rather than ‘simply’ buying big shining expensive toy car.

Nurul Huda, noctrunal writer this time

Depok 2:1:2019